Because Software is our passion.

GEFAT-IT develops highly flexible sample management systems for a variety of applications and industries. Material/sample collections have become indispensable in the daily use of medical professionals, pharmacists, scientists and quality assurance in production. Materials, specimen and sample collections sprout up, like crocuses in spring. Sample collections are to be set up and mapped with powerful software systems that collect all the accumulated data, interact with robots and enable sample and data management.

Available IT solutions and storage options provide quick entry points to start a sample collection. However, one quickly realizes that standard solutions for the needs of the individual sample collection soon reach their limits. The lowest common denominator in sample collection is that samples and data are collected and managed. The nature of the samples and the associated data are as individual as any collection itself. Also, the processes of sample collection, the sample receipt as well as their processing and publication often differ greatly.

Here, finding a supportive software solution that allows a high level of flexibility to be prepared for future needs while also providing a cost framework that takes into account the individual possibilities is the goal of many users. eBioControl® supports you in all these tasks.



Any form of material collection can be managed with sample-centered eBioControl®, whether in research, medical or industrial applications across industries.