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Exhaustion-Systems for Plants used in the Timber Industry

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Within the industrial branch of wood-proceeding, systems of this kind will be designed as
central exhaustions. At this kind of construction, the material to be exhausted will be
obtained directly at its source (the machine). The material will be blown into the filters via a
pipeline-system and from there forwarded into containers.
In general, these plants will be operated in automatic mode, exclusively via a local key.An
exact failure diagnosis may be carried out via a graphic operator panel (for example:
Siemens OP 37). By means of those, the plant may be reproduced graphically, so that the
failure may be located very quickly. The communication from PLC to operator panel will be
carried out via MPI-bus, where a usual-in-trade-modem for telemaintenance of the plant
may easily be integrated.
As the material to be exhausted is very fine wood-dust, a spark-determination-system will
beused, which detects developings parks and will place the plantin to a safe condition.
A filter continuously cleaned via compressed air will secure a great availability of the plant.

Clean working environment through an innovative system for exhaustion

  •  prompt failure location via a graphic operator panel

  •  safety by means of a spark detection system

  •  quick reaction due to telemaintenance via modem

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