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Retrofit of complex process control centres

Retrofit: Willkommen

Modernizing of plants, the so called retrofit, is a solution for many operators to devote a
While the mechanical part of aged machines mostly remains in a very good condition, the
electronical part very often needs updating.
Retrofit includes the realization of the previous control-software on to a more modern and
efficient control concept. The manufacturing sequences will be adopted 1:1 into the new
concept, which means no changes in handling the plant for the operators. New
visualization possibilities (such as failure output via an operator-panel) will simplify the
locating and resetting of failures for the maintenance-staff and therefore improve the
availability of the production plant. A modern control system will guarantee availability of
replacement parts at only short notice.
Depending on the scope of the changes/retrofit measures, a technical up-to-date
machinery functionality can be achieved. This is also valid for security and supervision
under consideration of the present guide lines and norms.

  • Reduced maintenance expenses

  • increased user-covenience

  • Security via redundancy

  • fast reactions via tele-maintenance via VPV or ISDN

  • being Solution Partner of SIEMENS we are experts for your conversion from S5-S7


Modernizing contra new building

  • increasing of availability

  • reconstruction towards a future-secure control concept

  • higher comfort in operating and programming

  • network possibilities with superior structured leading system

Retrofit: Profil
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