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Robot Control for camera-guided separation and laserprinting on plastic parts

The task of this erected plant is the separation of and printing on plastic parts.The parts will
be taken as bulk material of a bin and transported from there to a four-axis-SCARA-robot.
The robot will separate and position the parts via animage-processing/determing-plantand
then transport them to a laser-printing-centre.
The position of the parts placed under the laser-printer will be determined via a second
camera, so that a mechanical adjustment for the printing procedure is not necessary. The
use of an image generating/processing-plant for parts separation as well as for printing
creates the possibility to inscripe most various kind of parts nearly without mechanical
Basically, the set-up procedure is limited to the occasional exchange of the grapping tool of
the robot. The software of the control is designed so that a necessary adjustment of the
sequences at the various parts to be inscriped parts will be carried out via parameterization.
To set-up the plant for new parts it is therefore not necessary to employ staff that is
acquainted with programming the control.
The parameter set, produced upon adjusting a part will be listed in a database. Adjustment
of the control upon part to be inscribed.


Flexibility on principle

  • high flexibility via a 4-axis Scara-robot and by image processing

  • programming of the courses of events via parameterization of the control

  • min. set-up effort via camera guided parts separation and printing

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