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Trouble announcement and Production Data sent per E-Mail or SMS

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The existing system enables the transmission of trouble messages and production data per
E-Mail to any desired address or per SMS at any mobile phone. The system includes a PC
with an integrated digital input module which enables the connection of a variety of digital
signals. This creates the possibility to evaluate the standstill signals of the different plants,
even of those that do not have a PLC network-ability. Concerning controls with network
connection the significant data may be transferred via an OPC-server directly obtained
from the PLC. The production data themselves ought to be preferably transmitted time
controlled via SMS or E-mail.
In the case of a signal-controlled transmission of the messages it is possible to adjust a
transmission-delay which enables options such as “Do not transmit the trouble message
unless the trouble exists for more than one hour.”
The production data may be obtained of Access-DataBanks and Excel-tables as well as via
an OPC-Server directly from the plant-control. Via the configuration software, it is up to the
operator`s choice what trouble-messages or production amounts he wants to transmit and
which mobile he wants to send it to.

Global availability of production Data

  • Transmission to nearly any SMS and E-Mail address

  • Message transmission time - or event-controlled

  • Inclusion of production data from the data-bank or directly of the plant control

  • Configuration of events  from the control via OPC-server or from digital I/O

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