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Fixation of a backrest fitting by means of laser welding

The project mentioned here was a machine with Siemens S7-300 CPU with Step7
Classically programmed in conjunction with several manual workstations and
Automatic cells produced a backrest fitting for seat adjustment in the vehicle.
The indispensable for the durability of the final product (crash behavior) welds
To fix the housing parts were realized with a laser system from Trumpf.
Since an even number of welds was applied to the round product, the
Light path of the laser divided into two opposing optics, between which one
Siemens S120 servo turns the product. This results in activation of the
Light beam two, offset by 180 °, welds. There were six for this product
Fixations desired, so there were three "shots" during the rotation
The challenge was to take the precautionary measures in the extremely fast
Process to prevent the optics from each other (product missing / wrong positioned)
or destroy the product (no rotation). This was done in a highly prioritized,
fast block (OB32, every 10ms) made the release of the laser. The
constant speed of the servomotor ensured a homogeneous welding pattern.
The S120 servo drive was controlled by means of GEFAT-IT's own faceplate
implemented in conjunction with the associated PLC block. This allows in
Manual operation is easy positioning and has been extended to the
To save weld coordinates.
To ensure a consistent quality of the weld, was one
Laser welding monitoring system of the company Precitec installed, which online the
Monitoring the welding process.

Clean working environment through innovative extraction solutions

  • Easy teaching of welding co-ordinates

  • Very good control options

  • High security despite of short cycle times

  • Excellent welding results

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