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Production plant for the manufacturing of E-Gas

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The automotive industry uses more and more electronic components upon designing/ building their automobiles (VW, BMW, etc.) GEFAT has automized a plant for Siemens VDO for the realization of the component „E-GAS”. This component is responsible for the electronic speed regulation of cars. This plant is the first fully automized production machine for the manufacturing of the component „E-GAS“.

Positioning of the electronic components (such as condenser, chokes resp. Sensors) will be handled by an ADEPT Robot which communicates with a picture processing upon the positioning of the sensors (electric component with fivepins) (Accuracy for positioning the sensors µarea).

To ensure the traceability of the production data of each component „E-GAS“, the identification system MobyE is being used, which readout data of a component from a chip at each station of the production process and updates those at each new processingstation.

These data, which are being united in the production data acquisition (PDA) ensure the traceability of each component. The data also include detailed information on the charge, the shift, the time of the assembling as well as the measured data at the control and will be exported as MS Access resp as an Excel-file.

Accurate positioning and welding of electric components


  • Accurate positioning and welding of electric components

  • Production Data Acquisition

  • OPC-Server

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