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Operating and Machine Data Logging Short-Cycle Press for particle board coating

MDE/BDE: Willkommen

No characteristics/ figures concerning the plant availability of each line have existed before the realization of this project only in complete hand written listings not always facing reality.
Goal was to achieve an automatic determination of the figures/characteristics such as OEE= availability [%] x capacity [%] x quality [%] and as well to achieve a systematic registration of trouble reasons. Only basing on reliable and real data it is possible to make optimal ecisions concerning measurements and investments necessary to raise the availability of the plant.
The project has been realised with standardised frameworks of the company Rockwell. The Rockwell MES solutions is designed modular which enables the user to add further plants to the application resp.add additional modules such as for example an SAP-linkage. The used modules/ programmes for this solution were “Historian” for the machine data loggingand “PlantMetrics” for the operating data logging.
Advantage of this solution is the possibility for each authorised user to get hold of a report concerning the WEB (Intranetor Internet) via MS-Internetexplorer.

Determination of characteristics For one or more production lines

  • Availability (OEE-characteristic) and analysis of critical points concerning the resources

  • Reduction of downtimes

  • Increasing the productivity

  • Minimization of the production costs

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