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Robot control for camera guided singling and laser inscription of plastic parts

Fanuc Roboter: Willkommen

Robot Control for the flexible handling of aluminium parts

The here realized application is a processing centre for aluminium parts.These parts are to
be equipped with chamfers and nutes. Further on, some of the parts are to be milled plainly
At first, the part to be processed will be placed on a turning-table, then automatically
levelled in both horizontal directions. After this, it will be fixed vertically via a cylinder with
The various procedures will be carried out with up to 6 tools which will be obtained via an
integrated tool-changer. To enable flexible processing at a high number of various work
pieces - the biggest size has the outside measurements 1.500 x 1.500 x 400 mm -, a
FANUC-bend-arm-robotwith2.50m processing radius is installed/used.
Operating is to be carried out via a Siemens-Operator-Panel (OP27) which is coupled via a
PLC (SiemensS7-300) with the robot.
Aparamenter set will be filed for each working piece in a data base which may be opened
via the article number. This enables very short set-uptimes.

Mechanical processing via flexible robots solutions

  • simple operating and data base administration via a large graphic display

  • extremely high flexibility via 6-axis bend-arm-robot

  • minimum set-up effort, short set-up times

Job-orientated sequencer control of a Fanuc Roboter with S7-Graph.


Functions of Screen Blocks:

  • Output of all trouble and alarm messages as clear text (992 messages in total)

  • Display of status signals

  • Failure acknowledgement of servos

  • Ramp and speed settings in percentage

  • Controller activation/ deactivation

  • Comfortable absolute encoder adjustment via panel without engineering software

  • Setting of reference coordinate for the absolute encoder adjustment

  • Teaching of up to 50 positions with individual ramps and speeds

  • Selection of the positioning type or

  • Inching operation of the axis with individual ramps and speeds

  • Fast selection and approaching of the desired position

  • Input of a position value and the corresponding individual ramps and speeds

  • Display of the safety status signals

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