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The Downtime Analyses.

Often system downtimes will automatically be separated in areas or reasons, but a comfortable option to receive a detailed description of the reasons and causations is not available. But this is exactly, what our downtimeControl provides for both, operator or system supervisor.

The operator can make his choice from a fully adminsitered list of already prepared reasons, causations and remarks which will avoid double entries.

By means of already integrated reports the most frequent causations/ reasons of failures can be detected clearly represented and downtimes can be reduced.

Naturally both, operating surface and reports are separated from each other and during runtime completely language-switchable.

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The data logging will register downtimes automatically and will then display them to the operator. Each part of the plant may be furnished with a separate downtime signal.

The system operator will see a listing with downtimes not yet allocated.

If the operator will select a downtime he will be guided through the allocation programme.

Depending on the user rights he may even have the possbility to create new causes, reasons and remarks.

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Very often our customers are situated word-wide. Therefore it is necessary to provide the language switch-over. This enables the operator to allocate downtimes in his national language and generate a report in another language for example to the company`s management.

If the operator creates new entries, translation may be generated via a language import/ export for example in Excel.

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We have already integrated quite a number of reports.

Using Microsoft Reporting Services the volume and design may naturally be adapted according to the customer`s requirements.

An integrated scheduler creates the possibility to generate reports automatically as per a definite time period or action, sending it via Email or printing it.

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