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Universal trend module for analyzing data and processes

Trendmodul: Willkommen

TrendControl is a universal tool used to comfortably display historical and current data.
Via OPC connection almost all PLCs may serve as data source.
The operator may configurate his desired charts simply and fast via mouse click to keep them available for his use at any time. To do so, all attributes such as bolt attributes (thickness, colouretc.) axes attributes (scaling, gridsetc.) attributes of variables (scanning rate etc.) may be selected or changed intuitively.
The performance of the systems mainly depends on the communication capacity of the PLC and the network. In general it is not a problem to resume and safe for example 2.000 values within a one second sampling rate. Additionally to this values it is possible to assume further bolts for special investigations in a faster time pattern up to 100 ms. For further requirements up to the registration of data in PLC tact there is a PLC-functionslibrary provided which will have to be once saved into the control. Even at this option the complete handling (such as bolt selection) can be carried out on the configuration surface of the trendmodule, the refore the reis no need for an intervention with the PLC.
Due to existing realizations a considerable number of customer`s requirements have meanwhile been integrated in this system. An efficient downsampling (even at a trend display of a longer time period, the min./max values will not be filtered out) is available as much as the ability to compare 2 axes on a different time base. This function enables the comparison of values of one process size with values of another time lapsed process size. As a matter of course the export into other file formats is possible (csv, xls, pdf etc.) as well as the allocation of the data in the web.


trendControl - GEFATrend.


trendControl is a software program for graphically displaying measured values in trend representation.

This program was developed together with our customers and is therefore characterized by absolute practical relevance. Years of experience in the field of MDE / BDE combined with technical know-how of our employees were combined in this product.

The extensive range of functions has been provided with an intuitive interface, so that training and training times are minimal.

All requirements for a modern trend system, such as multiple X- and Y-axes, comparison of skewed curves in one diagram, export to other formats (xls, pdf, jpeg, ...), weaving ability etc. were realized at trendControl.

Without programming knowledge intuitively configurable

  • Display of multiple X- and Y- axes

  • Min-Max-exposure even after downsampling

  • Fast trending up to PLC-cylce-time

  • Completely language-reversible

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