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Marking components via laser technic

Laserbeschriftung: Willkommen

On the example pictures shown here, workpieces were gripped and moved by means of pneumatics. These workpieces were then labeled with clear text and a QR code using a Gravotech fiber laser specifically designed for fast, permanent marking. The pneumatically operated holders were then used to place the workpieces back in place.
The inscription by the laser is of high quality and also very difficult to not remove again and thus durable.
The individual steps of the process can be carried out either manually via the touch panel of Siemens or via the automatic mode previously programmed with the Siemens TIA Portal V13.

Fast, durable and reliable labeling

  • Permanent marking of the pieces

  • Steady marking quality

  • QR-Code and barcode is possible

  • No consumption material upon use of laser technic

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