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Customized processing data-registration via OPC-Server

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Customized processing data-registration via OPC-Server

The registration of the processing data of industrial plants creates transparency within the
production course. This means that the number of pieces produced, machine downtime,
number of disturbances and the cause of them will be documented in complete and be
placed at  the dispos a lof the operator at anytime.
The processing data will be filed in the PLC within data blocks and be transferred from the
PLC to the PC within cyclic intervals via Ethernet or the Siemens MPI bus as
communication medium. The choice of the medium depends on the amount of data to be
transfer red as well as on the necessary performance of those data.
The OPC-Server will provide the data at a client which will forward them to various
applications. In most cases, the processing data will be picked up and further processed
from Microsoft Excel, Access or from a customized solution. Flexibility in creating the
processing data output in accordance with the customers needs are first priority.

Transparency via processing data-registration

  • Registration of downtime

  • Recording of disturbances and causes of disturbances

  • Customized output of processing data

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