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What can eBioControl® do?

Is there software that really adapts to your sample management needs? The answer aloud: they exist.

With eBioControl®, we have set ourselves the task of packaging complex workflows into clear software structures. And this with pleasure in development and a wealth of specialist experience. Doctors, scientists and software experts work together with our customers to develop innovative concepts.

The concept of modules has not been groundbreaking since Lego. Every child can do it, every child knows it. And yet everyone will make something different with the same set of building blocks. A house, a zoo (even with animals, if the additional pact was bought), a train - the creativity is almost limitless.

Software modules now have the advantage, in contrast to the rigid Lego modules, that they can be modified. Thus, not only by selecting different modules, a different whole can arise. It is also possible to adapt the modules as such. This leads to unbeatable flexibility and also enables solutions for complex requirements.

Here is an overview of some features of the most important modules:


  •     hierarchical and graphic depiction of the existing depot structure

  •     Sample data sets are customized for each sample category

  •     Mandatory entries, value ranges, plausibility checks can be assigned to the data fields

  •     Any master data can be defined and assigned to samples

  •     Supports scientific evaluation as well as production processes

  •     AND / OR searches in all sample and master data fields

  •     Different perspectives on sample data (for example, which samples belong to a master data record?) Where   are the samples with specific values ​​or from a defined period?)

  •     Labeling of samples according to freely selectable criteria

  •     1D / 2D barcode scanning of samples and sample racks

  •     Create job lists for individual users

  •     Processing sample data in batch

  •     Creating picking lists

  •     Interfaces to HIS / ERP / full and semi-automation

  •     Permissions on visibility, editability and deletion of samples, data, depots

  •     Import and export of data in Excel format

Is that not what you need here? Call us or write us. We can tell you if we have a solution for your requirement. Here we proceed true to the motto "cobbler stay with your last". We do not offer things that we do not do well.

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