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eBioControl®  Medicine

Medical collections are subject to special privacy regulations. Patient data is essential for working with the samples, but also subject to restrictions on visibility and workability by different users. Often there are different requirements of different users, which have to be mapped in one system. Patient care and research often have conflicting tasks.

With eBioControl® you can meet these requirements. Arrange eBioControl® modules and get exactly the functions you need. No unnecessary ballast instead clear surfaces.

  •     Patient data module (with and without interface to the HIS)

  •     Sample data module for your datasets

  •     Depot module for mapping your storage structures

  •     Processing module for single and batch processing of samples

  •     Documents Module

  •     Search module for flexible AND / OR search in all sample data

  •     Samples with and without pseudonymisation

  •     Institute and Enterprise solution selectable

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