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Engagement. Passion. Reliability.

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GEFAT-IT is an international operating company with experience for more than 25 years within the area Software Development and Automation Technology for the branches automotive, wood processing, special machinery and others. Our specialists programme and control your Robot and modernize your aged production line.

To implement such solutions successfully, high-level interdisciplinary competence is required.

Also succesful partnerships with Siemens, Rockwell and other well-known companies is one of our strength.


2008  GEFAT-IT has extended her fields of activity by founding a department for the areas Medicine / Pharma / Chemistry, which develope software products for the administration of samples, biobanks and images of workflow processes for laboratories. This department was sold in August 2021 in complete with the staff and the software products such as eBioControl and sampleControl to the company INTEGRIS LIMS GmbH.


Netzwerk-Hub und Kabel


Markers and testing technology


Mobile imprint system

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Start: Kurse & Programme


Start: Willkommen

The complexity of businesses is steadily increasing, so that a company more and more requires strong and reliable partners to be able to offer the best system solutions.

GEFAT-IT successfully works together with the following partners and therefore has the ability to offer you more than a mere software solution.

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GEFAT-IT has been Siemens Solution Partner since 2006.

Our staff members have been especially trained by Siemens and have reached certificates for the following Programme Modules:


Automation System SIMATIC

Human Machine Interface SIMATIC HMI

Industrial Communication SIMATIC NET

Machine Vision SIMATIC Sensors

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